MLM Tips How Not To Prospect Online



There are many MLM tips that I can leave with you today BUT this one I just had to share with you.

This happened to me just yesterday and I believe that the video above and the blog post I have written will help you to avoid making these types mistakes. So when thinking about MLM Tips how not to prospect online had to be my focus today.

Too many Network Marketers are making mistakes and not enough people are given them the right information so I can avoid making these mistakes. Being pitchy is how not to prospect online. People don't appreciate it and people don't respond to it!

So I would urge you to read my blog post learn how not to prospect online and then go and implement how to prospect online effectively. There are a few MLM tips in the blog post that I believe will really open your eyes.

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0:36 MLM Tips: An Example of How NOT to prospect online
1:28 MLM Tips: The Start of the conversation
2:36 MLM Tips: Pitching Too Early
4:43 MLM Tips: Example of NOT listening
6:58 MLM Tips: No honesty in your marketing.