Jason's Spotlight Interview With Scott Montgomery About The RKF




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The Reliv Kalogris Foundation or RKF it is a very important pillar of the company. In this interview Scott Montgomery who is the Reliv president and also chairman of the RKF, shares about how the foundation was founded and what impact it is having on people all around the world. In this interview you will also understand how being a Reliv Distributor, you can be part of the Mission to nourish our world. If you have been directed to this information by somebody, I strongly recommend you get back to them and they can help you to understand how you can get started. If you have further questions about the RAF the person who introduced you to can make sure you get those questions answered. We are a global family and we welcome you to be part of the family. I leave you with this mandate that was given to Dr Theodore the original scientist who created the first product for Relív, and that was "be a shame to die before you have scored a victory for mankind " If you want to see just how simple the processes are to build a Reliv business within Europe, then click on this link and you will see how everything connects together: https://www.simplyreliv.co.uk