What the Elite DON'T Want You To Know - Robert Kiyosaki and Jeff Wang




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Investing Outside the Central Bank The Federal Reserve, the United States central bank, has “printed” more than $2 trillion since the global economic crisis began, and when the Fed prints money it makes the price of assets like gold, silver, and Bitcoin go up. As Robert Kiyosaki says, central banks are run by the “controlling elite.” These elites do not like gold because central banks cannot print gold. Equally, central banks do not like Bitcoin and blockchain because what Robert calls people’s money, does not need central banks either. Today, billions of people are trapped in a central banking system owned by the mega-rich and are losing big time because they are saving money. Listen as host Robert Kiyosaki and guest Jeff Wang, the host of www.rocketfuelcrypto.com and part of the avid investment group RocketFuel Team (www.rocketfuel.team), discuss how cryptocurrency is a hedge against the dying dollar and your opportunity to invest outside the central banking system.