What Is Money And Why Do We Need It?




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The Five P's for Success Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance In his talk to the Top 70 L-K Marketing Group Leaders, Paul J. Meyer proves that planning for the future is imperative, and shares some of his thoughts ans observations on how to prepare your financial resources so that when you are older you will have the ability to enjoy the fruits of your labor. This requires planning and loyalty to your plans. But as he explains, the sacrifices now will pay huge rewards later on!!! "You can Pay Now and Play Later or you can Play now and Pay Later!!! The Choice is Yours." Paul J. Meyer In this session deals with his thoughts and ideas on "How to Invest Money" This information is based on his amazingly successful track record over the Last 50 years. This video presentation contains a Wealth of Information and ideas for you to begin planning for your own future... and for the future of your family... no matter what your current income is. You can join the LK Marketing family through visiting www.roytatem.biz